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Beyblade Legends Super Vortex Battle Set

Beyblade Legends Super Vortex Battle Set

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3,2,1 Let it rip!

This is how the fun begins with the Beyblades, which come from the anime of the same name. Each character in the series has their own Beyblade.

Immerse yourself in the exciting world of Beyblade battle with the Beyblade Legends Super Vortex Battle Set!

This impressive set offers everything you need for epic battles and spectacular turns.

The Beyblade Legends Super Vortex Battle Set includes two exclusive Beyblades: Ray Striker and Gravity Destroyer.

The included launchers and ripcord launch mechanisms allow the Beyblades to be sent into battle at impressive speed.

Experience exciting Beyblade duels with friends and family, perfect your skills in the Super Vortex Beystadium and become the ultimate Beyblade master with the Beyblade Legends Super Vortex Battle Set.

Contents of the package:

1x Ray Striker

1x Gravity Destroyer

1x Super Vortex II Beystadium

2x launcher with matching cord


It is recommended to use the Beyblades in a Beyblade Arena.

The recommended age for playing is 8 years and older. The Beyblades are suitable for playing, but also for collecting, as the Hasbro Beyblades from the Metal series are no longer produced.

Keep out of reach of small children as it contains small parts that could be swallowed.

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