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Dragon Ball Super - Sticker Album

Dragon Ball Super - Sticker Album

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Get the ultimate collecting, trading and sticking fun collection with your favorite Dragon Ball Super characters now.

With a total of 204 stickers, including 36 special stickers, you will have hours of fun.

Experience the excitement and challenges that Son Goku and his friends face in Dragon Ball Super.

This exciting collection follows Bill, the God of Destruction, as he seeks the Super Saiyan God, the most powerful warrior of all.

Will you be part of the adventure and accompany the group of heroes around Son Goku and Vegeta on their mission?

With this collection you can immerse yourself in the world of Dragon Ball Super and experience the action up close.

So what are you waiting for? Order now and be ready for a great time!


- Scrapbook with 32 inner pages

- 6 free stickers

- Poster

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