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Dragon Ball Super - Ultimate Warriors Sticker Album

Dragon Ball Super - Ultimate Warriors Sticker Album

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Experience the ultimate collecting, trading and sticking fun with the heroes from Dragon Ball!

The second sticker collection "Ultimate Warriors" brings you even more action with Son Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo and many other well-known characters.

This time it will be particularly exciting: Beerus, the dangerous opponent who awoke from a deep sleep, has his sights set on the legendary Super Saiyan God and is returning to Earth with Whis. But our heroes do not give up and bravely face the threat.

The breathtaking collection contains a total of 204 stickers, including 60 special stickers that will make your heart beat faster.

Be there and get your favorite Dragon Ball characters now!


- Scrapbook with 32 inner pages

- 6 free stickers

- Poster to tear out

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