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Dragon Ball Universal Trading Cards - Pocket Tin Box with 3 Packs

Dragon Ball Universal Trading Cards - Pocket Tin Box with 3 Packs

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Discover the world of Dragon Ball on a total of 240 cards (including 60 special cards) in our online shop!

Here you will find cool motifs from the series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball GT and Dragon Ball Super.

Particularly impressive are the Crystal Shard Cards with their great glitter effects as well as the Transformation Cards, which show the spectacular transformations of your favorite characters.

The absolute highlight is 12 Limited Edition Cards and 12 XXL Limited Edition Cards in oversized format.

These are real rarities and will make your collection something special!

The Pocket Tin offered here also contains a random Limited Edition Card in regular card size.

You can sort these directly into your collection folder.

The Dragon Ball Universal Trading Cards include motifs from all 4 Dragon Ball series and are a must for every fan.

Don’t miss the chance to expand your collection and order now in our online shop!


- 1 Limited Edition Card

- 3 packs with 8 cards each

- 1 Pocket Tin (storage tin)

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