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She is the key to Yukine's family and Yato must find her before the Master of the Arts does. He and Kazuma set off to find her. Meanwhile, the Master of the Arts keeps tempting Yukine, who is now called Hagusa, to remember his sad past. Yukine is looking for answers, especially to one question: "Why did everyone abandon me back then?" Endless anger and despair make him become a Shinki like never before...!

Volume 23 of the series.

Bibliographic information:

Publisher: Egmont Manga

Author: Adachitoka

Translator: Ai Aoki

ISBN: 978-3-7704-3647-7

Release date: 01.09.2021

Edition: 2nd edition 2022

Language: German

Number of pages: 194 pages

Reading age: 14 years and up

Dimensions: 11.2 x 2 x 17.8 cm

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