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Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Absorb BB-98 DF105LRF Attack Hasbro Beyblade Metal Masters

Ultimate Meteo L-Drago Absorb BB-98 DF105LRF Attack Hasbro Beyblade Metal Masters

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3, 2, 1, Let it rip!

This is how the fun begins with Beyblades, originating from the anime of the same name. Each character in the series has their own Beyblade.

Beyblades have various abilities. There are attack, defense, stamina, and balance types. Most Beyblades spin to the right, although some can spin to the left.

The packaging is slightly damaged (e.g., dents, creases, small tears, or discolorations). The product image is for illustration purposes only.

Contents of the package:
Fusion wheel
Performance tip
Launcher with matching ripcord
Assembly tool
The Beyblades from the Metal series consist of various metal and plastic parts that can be swapped with most other Beyblades from the Metal series. This allows players to build their own Beyblade and change its abilities.

The packaging contains all the parts of the Beyblade with the appropriate tool for assembly, as well as a launcher with a matching ripcord. Once assembled, the fun can start immediately.

It is recommended to use Beyblades in a Beyblade arena.
The recommended age for play is 8 years and older. Beyblades are suitable for both playing and collecting, as Hasbro's Metal series Beyblades are no longer in production.
Keep out of reach of small children, as it contains small parts that could be a choking hazard.

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